TÜV Representation

TÜV Representation

We perform certificates for following areas:

  • Systems for quality management according to ISO 9001
  • Systems for environment management 14001
  • Work safety and protection according to OHSAS 18001 and SCC
  • Automobile industry according to TS 16949
  • Integrated systems


CE product labelling

Technical oversight and inspection

  • DGRL (PED): Assessment and confirmation of systems for quality assurance with producers of pressure containers
  • AD-2000 Merkblatt HP0: Assessment of general execution principals, production and pressure container testing
  • EN 3834: Assessment of welded products’ manufacturers in order to ensure top product quality
  • TRD 201: Assessment of manufacturers executing welding work on pressure containers
  • EN 1090: Assessment of steel constructions and manufacturer execution and qualification
  • EN 15085: Assessment of plant’s qualification for track-vehicle welding and quality assurance
  • DGRL: for pressure containers (EU guidelines)
  • AD 2000 HP 3: for pressure containers
  • EN ISO 9606-1: Certification of steel and alloy welders
  • EN ISO 9606-2: Certification of welders for aluminium and alloy
  • EN 14732: For automated system operators
  • EN ISO 9606-3: for copper and alloy
  • EN ISO 9606-4: for nickel and alloy
  • EN ISO 9606-5: for titanium and allo


Qualifications for welding procedures

  • DGRL- for pressure containers (European guidelines)
  • AD 2000 HP2/1 - for pressure containers
  • TRD 201- for steam boilers
  • EN 15085 - for track vehicles